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Guide for Buying The Right Chess Set

Please browse our selection of chess sets below:

Guide For Buying The Right Chess Set

Chessmaze International is the leading UK online chess retailer, providing a wide selection of chess boards, chess pieces and chess sets to enthusiasts from all over the world. If you fancy trying your hand at some other games, you can also find an assortment of other options at Chessmaze International, including backgammon, mahjong and dominoes.

There are so many different types of chess boards to choose from that you may not know where to start. This guide should help you select the one which is right for your own needs.


Types of chess sets
Chess sets for schools
Types of chess pieces
Chess boards
Chess computers and software

Which chess set is best for my needs?

Different options and what they mean
If you are having a look around and not quite sure what the terms mean, this should help you understand and select the right one to suit your needs.

Chess Sets – full set, including chess board and chess pieces
Chess Boards – board only, does not include chess pieces
Chess Boxes – box to store your chess pieces
Chess Computers and Software – games consoles
Chess Pieces – only pieces, no board included

You can find a wide range of options to suit all your chess needs. Whether you are looking for the full set or need to replace your chess pieces, there are plenty of styles and prices for everyone.

Types of Chess Sets

There are different types of chess sets available, depending on how much you are looking to spend and what your needs are. This is a quick overview of the chess sets available at Chessmaze International.

Luxury Chess Sets

These are ideal for regular chess players who perhaps play in a club or are looking for a chess set as part of your collectors range. There are a wide variety of luxury chess sets at Chessmaze International, some of the finest in the collection include:

Italian Prestige Collection

There are many choices in the Italian Prestige collection, including the Makassar Fierce Knight Combination, which is a vibrant chess set made of luxurious maple wood and Makassar. This is a highly impressive set which has a storage facility for your chess pieces.

Renaissance Hand Painted Brass Set

This is an Italian creation and just as you would expect, it is beautifully sculpted with plenty of character and an abundance of vibrant colours. This set is one of the largest and is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an exquisite choice to add to their collection.

Championship Staunton Ebony Chess Set

The chess board of masters, this fine specimen is hand carved and is thought to be the original Staunton design. It includes chess pieces with leather base pads and is the ideal choice for those who enjoy a bit of luxury in their lives.

Designer Chess Sets

At Chessmaze International, we are proud to offer a wide selection of designer chess sets for those who enjoy the finer things in life. We have several designer chess sets, including:

Chrysler Handmade Glass Chess Set Blue/Green

This is a highly unique chess set and one which instantly makes an impact. The striking glass contrasts nicely with the bright colours to create a style of chess set you would be proud to display in your home.
Novogrod Chess Set and Wood Chess Board
A 15th century chess set which has a beautiful design to capture the imagination. It allows for easy movement of play and offers a combination of both playability and creativity.

Chess Sets For Schools

We know the importance of learning and development for children, even from a young age, which is why we offer a range of chess sets for schools. These are ideal for free time and can offer a way to improve memory and enhance forward planning. The range includes:
Schools Package
The complete package, including chess board, clock and chess piece bag.
Roll Up Chess Board
A quick way to play chess, the roll up chess board allows you the flexibility to play at anytime and anywhere, with minimum fuss!

Types of Chess Pieces

Whether you choose to buy your chess pieces as part of the set or need to update your collection, there are a range of styles you may wish to opt for, including;
Rosewood – Chess pieces with a slightly red tint, these are unique styles for updating your chess board.
Boxwood – Light coloured chess pieces which are part of the medium to high selection of chess boards.
Ebony – Dark coloured chess pieces which are also for the medium to high selection of chess boards.

Chess Boards

We cater for a range of budgets at Chessmaze International and have chess boards in a variety of fine woods. Some of these include:
Ebony Wood – This is available for medium to high chess sets and is a dark coloured wood which really sets off the tone of the style.
Rosewood – A chess board with a red tint to offer a slightly unique take on the traditional chess board.
Sycamore – A style of wood found on high quality chess board, sycamore is light in colour with a mild grain throughout.
Wenge – Available on the deluxe board, this wood is dark in colour and offers an exquisite look to your chess board.
Walnut – Dark with a vivid grain, this is a truly stunning style of wood for your chess board.
Sycamore – Light colour with mild grain.

Chess Computers and Software

If you prefer to take a more modern approach to your chess playing, we can offer a selection of computers and software for all your needs. These include;

Chess Android

With a variety of applications available on this 4G tablet, you can develop new styles of play and build on your current strengths. As you progress, you can update the tablet with more applications and enjoy learning more about the game.
We boast a selection of DVD’s for chess enthusiasts at every level, from beginners to advanced. These offer a convenient way to develop your chess skills at your own pace.
Which Chess Set is Best For My Needs?
Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need on chess boards, pieces and sets, it’s time to think about your level of ability and what may be the right choice for your selection.

Playing for the First Time?

If you are completely new to chess, it may be a good idea to start off with one of the chess sets from the value range, so you can get an idea of how to play. It may also be worthwhile to consider buying a DVD, where you can learn different strategies and how to start from the beginning. As you progress, you can always try the higher levels of DVD’s and build up to the medium range of chess boards to enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Club or Professional Player?

If you play for a club or want to become a professional, why not take a look at the luxury or designer range and pick a chess set which you would be proud to show off!
Looking for a gift?
If you want to buy a chess set for a loved one’s birthday or Christmas, you may want to select a choice from the mid to luxury range (depending on how much you love them!)

Playing for Fun?

The chess boards for schools are ideal for playing for fun or the mid-range if you want to play with friends or family at home.
Bored with the traditional?
If you like technology and don’t like the idea of the traditional chess sets, don’t despair as there are plenty of consoles and software to choose from. These are developed for those who like their gadgets but also want to get the most out of their chess playing.

There you have the complete round up of what we can offer you at Chessmaze International, with a lot more on top. Chess is an exciting game which is ideal for learning and the popularity of the game is continuing to grow. We can offer you fast delivery and you will be delighted with the unique style and quality of all our products. Take advantage of our special offers today and enjoy enhancing your skills and abilities.


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