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Magnus Carlsen announces the launch of exciting new chess app!

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Magnus Carlsen announces the launch of exciting new chess app

Chess is becoming an increasingly popular sport and with many exquisite types and styles of sets to choose from, it is easy to understand why.
If you are not a fan of the traditional chess playing and prefer to use technology to play the intriguing game; you’ll be delighted to hear the news that World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen has announced a brand new app.

In an effort to promote the sport to players of all ages and levels, Magnus has developed an app which is based on his past games and takes you through his different playing styles as he has developed throughout his career.

The 23 year old Norwegian is the second youngest world champion in the game and as such, is in the perfect position to be able to help chess enthusiasts through the launch of this exciting app.
You can discover more about the star’s playing style and how he has managed to get where he is today. It is aimed at people at all ages and offers a great way to develop your skills and experience as you progress throughout the levels.

Chess is not just a fun game to play with friends, family or as part of a club; it also offers a range of benefits which are particularly important for children developing through to adulthood. Chess can help improve memory, reactions and the ability to develop strategies and forward planning.
With the wide range of chess clubs available and the World Chess Championship, which is currently under way, there are plenty of opportunities for avid lovers of the sport to get involved and progress through the ranks.

At Chessmaze International, there is a wide range of quality chess board, chess sets and chess pieces for those who enjoy the traditional method of chess playing. There is also a variety of chess computers and software, for those who fancy trying out Magnus Carlsen’s new app.

You can find the modern android platform which offers an easy and convenient way to play chess on the go. You can also update the apps as you develop your skills through the ranks.
Team this up with some DVD’s from the collection to enhance your development and you’ll soon have Magnus wondering why he ever developed the app as you give him a run for his money!


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