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The Chess Company

Please browse our selection of chess sets below:

The Chess Company are foremost retailers and suppliers of chess sets and chess boards. Our excellent website is a veritable treasure trove offering a myriad of high quality products. There is are a wealth of chess products far exceeding most chess product websites and our promise is our products are of the highest quality. The products range from Luxury Chess Set & Board to Chess Computers, and very many things in between. Regardless of your level of interest in chess we can cater for you with a huge selection of items. Our unique edge is that we source our product with the quality of materials and craftsmanship. For instance in our chess board range of products we have the extremely sumptuous Andalusian Limited Edition Ebony chess set and Signature Series Chess Board.

This wood is sourced from the highly fertile and biodiverse area of Andalusia in Spain. The beautiful wood has been crafted by skilled craftsmanship to produce the beautiful chess pieces and board in the set. We have a Black and Tan Collector's Staunton Chess Pieces, Vinyl chess mat and Carryall Chess Bag which is highly durable and handsome set perfect for School and Club use. We have introduced a combination of vinyl board and drawstring bag. We also sell Chess Scorebook in packs. The packages are very competitively priced. The Sandicci Ebony Series Artisan Chess Set is one of the Master Class Collection. The sets are made in mainly rich delicious Ebony wood but the collection contains one Red Sandalwood set. This collections features some of the most striking chess sets in our product range and really aimed at the chess connoisseur. Other titles in the collection are The Varese Ebony Series Artisan Chess Set, Gallant Knight Chess Set, available in Ebony , The Varese Red Sandalwood Series Artisan Chess Set, Sir Lancelot Chess Set also available in Ebony and King Arthur Ebony Chess Set. A set that would grace any home or office, and is as decorative as they are playable. In addition to these chess board sets, we have Themed Chess Pieces, Limited Edition Chess Pieces, Chess Boards, Ornate Chess Pieces, Chess Clocks, and Chess Cases. These products complement our chess sets and board product range beautifully. As you will find items that can be used interchangeably with our Luxury Chess Set and Board and Master Class Collection range.

In the Themed Chess Pieces we have a variety of themed chess pieces for impact, fun, frolic and fascination. We raise the bar when it comes to themed chess pieces. Take time to browse our themes which leave nothing to the imagination. They would make an excellent talking point in your home in addition to being perfectly playable. They range from the Farmland Chess Set to the Hand Painted Renaissance Metal Chess Set. If you have never owned a Themed Chess set we recommend you look seriously at these items. We give you quality as well as novelty and sacrifice nothing to give you an excellent product. Our Limited Edition Chess Pieces are examples of the finest crop of chess piece sets and are highly sought after. Excalibur Limited Edition Sandalwood Chess Set epitomizes the collection. We produced only 250 items to our customary extremely high standard and you really need to hurry to ensure you are able to secure your own pieces Finally the Wooden Chess Sets, Chess Boards, Ornate Chess Pieces, Chess Clocks, Chess Cases and Chess Computers.

Whether you need a nice new wooden chess set, or a chess board to complete your existing chess pieces or you want to try your own combination of chess board and pieces we have something for you. Wooden Chess Sets, consist of the exotic Shesham wooden sets, Mohogany and Maple complete with fine boxes for your pieces. If you are looking for a clock as well we have our great value Bumper Chess Package which includes a chess clock and chess computer. In our Chess Board range we use a good selection of woods with Walnut, Maple, Rosewood, Mahogany amongst others. Are you lost with which wood will suit your needs? Give us a ring and let us guide you in this most important decision. Each wood has it own characteristics and features, chose the right wood for you is something we take great pleasure in assisting with. Our Ornate Chess Pieces are an excellent selection of deliciously well crafted pieces at fairly reasonable pieces. A good example is The Upright Apple Base chess set. This set has quite distinct look and feel and would be perfect for making a statement of style. It doesn’t end there, when the pieces are placed at an angle they return to the upright position and playing with them gives you a distinct playing experience. The chess pieces can be complemented with 50mm size square chessboards which are also available in our range. Chess Clocks products include the function packed Digital Chess Game Timer.

We also sell a retro chic Master Quartz Chess Timer. The chess timer has the advantage of not having to be wound as it is battery operated. It also has button –tab to prevent unnecessary drain on the batteries and a very clear display for those blitz finishes you will no doubt be use to. Ever considered buying a chess case for you pieces we have something for everyone. From our Birch wood storage box, simple timeless classic to our stunning Deluxe Fitted High Gloss Burl wood Coffer Box. Our chess cases can be bought to complete your existing set and can be in either gorgeous leatherette cases or beautiful Birch or Burl wood cases. Do you like Chess Computers? We have a selection of portable and desktop chess computers. They cater for a variety of chess players standards of play, from the occasional player to the serious player. We have computers with touch screen, Peg and spoken moves features. Buy with confidence on our website as our online purchasing is very secure and we accept both Visa and Mastercard payments. We have a 30 Day Return Policy as we are confident of the products we sell. We look forward to you placing your orders and delivering your new chess kit to you.


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