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The Elgin Chess Set

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The English Chess Company Announces the Release of the Special Edition Elgin Staunton Ebony Chessmen

Shropshire, U.K.- XX February, 2013 Chess Maze International, exclusive stockist of the renowned English Chess Company, are pleased to announce the release of the special edition Elgin Staunton Ebony Chessmen. This set is hand crafted of ebony and boxwood and exhibits intricately-wrought detailing in every aspect of each piece.

The Chess Maze International warehouse, set in the beautiful English countryside, is known throughout the world as suppliers of some of the most beautiful chessboards and chessmen ever crafted. These Elgin Staunton Ebony Hand Carved Chessmen are no exception; they are an absolute work of art.

Staunton-designed chessmen are the classic styling of chessmen the world over and are the standard for those pieces used in tournaments. The design was originated by master-craftsman Nathaniel Cook and named in honor of Howard Staunton, the Chessmaster of the time. As with all designs in the Staunton line, this limited edition set is art of the highest caliber.

These chessmen were carved to commemorate the excavation and rescue of the famed Parthenon marbles by Lord Elgin in the 19th century. In 1798, Thomas Bryce, the 7th Lord Elgin, was appointed by the British Crown as Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty to the Sublime Porte of Selim III, Sultan of Ottoman Empire. In the course of his duties, he took upon himself, at his own expense, to take sketches and casts of the magnificent marble statues and reliefs of the Parthenon.

When it was discovered that many of the pieces were missing and were being burned by the Turks to create building materials, Lord Elgin removed the remaining pieces from the area and transported them back to Britain, where they remain to this day.

The chessmen in this set are exquisite in their detailing. Viewers will note the craftsmanship and exacting detail in the artisan's depiction of the steeds of the Parthenon marbles as knights of the chessboard. The detail in the King's crown and Bishop's mitre are an absolutely life-like representation. The King's height is four inches, and all pieces are weighted and felted for a solid feel worthy of a set of this caliber.

Purchasing direct from the exclusive supplier of the English Chess Company saves pounds on some of the world's most exclusive brands, including the much sought-after and prestigious Staunton line. The purchase price of this masterpiece is an astonishingly low £1495.00. That is a steal for work of this caliber and quality.

Visit the Chess Maze International website today to view and order these exquisite, hand carved Elgin Staunton Ebony Chessmen from the British Chess Company, and own a work of art that will surely earn a place of honor in any collection. 


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