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Barbosa to Take Part in Chess Olympaid in Tromso, Norway in August 2014


In the midst of a controversial decision to cut the allowance of talented grandmaster Oliver Barbosa, it was looking highly unlikely that he would be taking part in the Chess Olympaid. It seems, however, that he has overturned his decision and will now be a key player in the event.


The event which will take place in Tromso, Norway from August 1st to the 15th is an important one for the country, which is the reason Barbosa has overturned his previously hesitant mind-set.


The Phl executive director of the National Chess Federation confirmed that Barosa will definitely be part of the much anticipated chess event.


Barbosa had previously been forced to leave his country when the decision was made to cut his pay cheque. This was a decision made on the basis of his failure to succeed in the Myanmar Southeast Asian Games. It left Barbosa devastated as he could no longer sustain the lifestyle he was used to and had to go on the search for winning tournaments in the US.


The uncertainty of Barbosa was worrying for the Chess Olympaid, as they have already lost out on their best player, Wesley So. So has decided to take on a role as the US coach, rather than being part of the event. It is thought that Barbosa was also considering making this switch, until his love for his country got the better of him.


Barbosa scored 7 points in the 10 matches of the 40th Istanbul Olympaid, which was held two years ago. He held an impressive rating of 2688.


The 27 year old held the title of International Master in 2005 and the Grandmaster title in 2011. He is a highly talented individual, who has played with some of the best chess players in the business. He was also the winner of the 10th Parsvnath International Grandmaster Tournament in New Delhi.


The news is positive for both camps and it is hoped that Barbosa can play his part in taking the country to victory, as well as giving his own individual profile a boost.


There is no doubt that his army of fans will be pleased with this news and will be looking forward to cheering him on in August. With so much doubt hanging over his decision, this is the best news for the game and to give the sport a welcome boost.


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Carlsen Suffers Second Blow as Radjabov Takes the Lead in Shamkir Chess Tournament 2014

Magnus Carlsen has suffered another loss; this time at the hands of Teimour Radjabov. The 27 year old grandmaster who reigns from Baku is currently in the lead at the Shamkir Chess Tournament.

Radjabov’s strong moves have been too much for Carlsen and much to the delight of local fans, they have caused him to stumble in the competition.

Both of the tournament leaders, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruanan have come up against problems in round 5 of the Shamkir Chess Tournament, much to the shock of their adoring fans.

The tournament is currently at half time, with Radjabov firmly in the lead. Shakhriyar Marmedyarov was the man behind Fabiano Caruanan’s defeat and Etienne Barot has also managed to keep ahead in group B, following his win against Rauf Mamedov.

This is Radjabov’s first win against Carlsen in six years so it has really shaken up the chess world and paved the way for an exciting second leg of the tournament. The previously untouchable Carlsen will have to seriously re-think his tactics if he doesn’t want to suffer a further blow to his confidence.

Carlsen has spoken about his recent form, blaming a lack of energy and burn out for his poor performances. It just goes to show that even the best in the business can have their off days and it gives inspiration for new players and those who have never won a tournament before.

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Promoting Chess for Children at the Hay Festival 2014

Last year it was fronted by the Duchess of Cornwall and this year, the Hays Festival has continued to introduce school children to the benefits of chess for learning and building confidence.

Chess classes are being held at schools across Britain, especially in Wales where there are classes at a range of different schools throughout the country.

It is thought that the sport has been responsible for the increase in learning amongst children and there have been vast improvements shown by those who participate in regular games.

Chess is well known for the effects it can have on strengthening the mind and thus, can improve learning in subjects such as mathematics.

The most recent Hays Festival was held in May and featured Telegraph chess correspondent and international master, Malcolm Pein, as well as chess trainer, Sarah Kett. The classes for children were held for 6-15 year olds at all levels of ability.

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