2015 Australian Chess Open

The Australian Chess Open has well and truly kicked off at Castle Hall in Sydney. The event started on the 2nd of January and will run until the 11th January. The total prize fund at stake for the competition is 20,250 (Australian Dollars), with the first prize being 6,000 (Australian Dollars.) The prize fund for the 2015 Australian Chess Open is at the highest ever for a chess event in Australian, so it’s all up for grabs!

The best of the best in the world of chess are out to test their wits against each other, with a total of 150 participants and 16 GM’s. The favourite from the competition is GM Ni Hua from China, who currently has a lead of 100 points ahead of GM Murtas Kazhgaleyey from Kazakhstan.

The Australian Blitz Championships are ready to kick off soon, with 11 rounds to be played at 5 minutes each. It will be exciting to find out the results over the next few days and which chess player will pick up this amazing cash prize. With all ages and levels participating in the event, it’s anyone’s guess who will become the success story of the event.

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