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Black and White of Chess

Viswanathan Anand drew comfortably in straight 54 moves against fellow ex-World champion Veselin Topalov in the second round of the World Candidates Chess Tournament at Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. Anand had produced a scintillating display to topple favourite Levon Aronian in the opening round at the same event earlier.

Anand, at 44, is the oldest among the eight Candidates battling to earn the right to challenge World champion Magnus Carlsen later this year. This was Anand’s third career-victory over Aronian and first with white pieces. Anand’s last victory over the World number two came in the elite Tata Steel tournament at Wijk aan Zee, near Amsterdam, in January last year. Since the players were separated by 60 rating points, the victory for Anand was worth 5.8 points and took his live rating to 2775.8. As a result, Anand temporarily moved up a rung, to the seventh spot in the world rankings.

At another part of the world, the World Chess Olympiad Qualifers’s second phase for the World Chess Olympiad will get underway this weekend on 15th -16th March at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Kampala. There is a stiff fight for the available slots to make the team. The event features male players with international ratings and the top 20 unrated who qualified from the previous phase. A total of 8 rounds will be played in the male category of the following weekend on 22-23 March 2014. The top 12 will be picked to proceed to the next and last phase due in May. Over this weekend, the ladies will be battling in their final phase featuring the top 12 in a round robin to determine the top 5 to feature on the National team. The event will be graced with the attendance of FIDE Vice President, Ali Nihat Yazici and Africa Chess Union President, Lakhdar Mazoouz.

Queen – The Most Powerful

Chess, with different pieces but varying in quantity, includes a King, a Queen, and 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 Bishops and 8 pawns. Each of the different character in the game has different nature or movements and all have their own specialty or role. Though queen is my favorite piece in the game as it is the powerful one. It can move straight to any direction as far as possible, can catch any column and joins the moves of the rook and the bishop.

The Queen piece is set in the center rank contiguous the King. As per the white and dark sections on the chess board, the white Queen is put on the white square and the dark Queen Chess piece is set on the dark one. That is called Queen on color. Since chess appoints no focuses to the ruler, this makes the Queen chess piece the most significant.

Some chess players are of belief that some minor pieces are similarly great as the Queen piece. Anyway Gary Karpov, the former world chess champion accepts that a side without a Queen piece is comparable to crushed or defeated.

A solid willed and savvy lady will realize what to do when man is going to get harm. She goes about as a front liner in order to escape issues, and she may even throw the jab simply to dodge a much more troublesome issue. She goes about as the person who appeases the anger inside his man’s heart; she doesn’t permit his man to feel self indulgence or any shakiness which may demolish his self-control. She is the Queen, the defender of her King’s enthusiastic side. Role of queen directly represents the role of women in real life. have variety of special offers on chess boards and pieces that make your game more interested.

Chess playing as an advantage for youngsters

It has been demonstrated that playing chess is an incredible studying aid and boost improvement for all ages, especially for young people. All games that include strategies, man-oeuvres and understanding rules could be educational and help sustain the brain’s capacities.

Along with this playing chess together as a family furnishes a protected and fun activity that each family member can take part in and get a charge out of, incorporating youthful youngsters, mother and father, and even grand-parents.

Playing this game helps youngsters with their social abilities and how to communicate with others, a critical component in ordinary life. Looking into alternatives, settling on choices, how to be patient, and comprehension and applying different standards is the rule with chess.

It is a well known game that is actually being utilized within school educational programs everywhere throughout the world now-a-days as its exceedingly successful in enhancing memory and different capacities. Research has indicated that learners test effects improvement when they are participating in playing chess on a regular bases, more so than those scholars who join different exercises. School chess sets are available to be purchased online at a value affordable by everybody.

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Selecting Right Chess Boards and Pieces

For Chess players, selection of the right pieces and board is prominent amongst the most essential task that they will do. Selection, of the right board and pieces, is particularly not as easy as there are such a variety of choices available for it. You will be thinking if your activities would be utilized basically as a show-piece or for playing purpose or both. There are plentiful websites where you can get facts interconnected with chess sets and boards, however the choice will eventually hinge upon your style and obviously your own particular plan.

When you are deciding to pay for a chess board, you need to pick the excellent quality that your budget will permit, since having a quality chess will last for an exceptionally long time and might be given to relatives. You will also realize that individuals will treat you like a prepared player when they find the time and efforts you put into picking your finely made chess set. You must notice the right look and appropriate weight of your pieces, particularly provided, while purchasing a tournament style board.

The point when picking the pieces and the board, you will discover that, having pieces matching one another is satisfying to the eye and more delightful to play. You will jump at the chance to purchase sturdier pieces assuming that you want to utilize them regularly or only for tournaments. You might consider about buying weighted plastic pieces rather than additional costly pieces. But picking the right set will guarantee that you will be prepared whenever you want to play the Chess.

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Chess for the Peoples with Brains

Now-a-days many indoor games are evolved with time but traditional game “Chess” originated in India was evolved about two thousand years ago. There are few simple rules to play this game but just following these mandatory rules won’t make you play the game efficiently. Like just reading the driving manual won’t get you to know about do’s and don’ts about driving, same way reading about chess won’t make you a good player. So along with knowing and applying the rules you also need to make strategies while using your brain and pay maximum concentration. That’s why it’s the game for the people with brains.
Chess can be played between 2 players or two opponents.Chess board contains 64 square blocks of alternate black and white color. Each player on either side has sixteen pieces which includes a King ,a Queen,2 Rooks,2 Bishops,2 Knights and 8 Pawns . The arrangement of pieces made such that both Rooks are placed at the corners on the first row for each player, followed by a Knights to each rook of same color. Then comes the bishop followed by Queen who always resides on her own matching color with the king next to it. The second row consists of all pawns and the arrangement is same on either side.
All six different pieces move differently and they cut off the pieces of their opponent by capturing the opponent’s piece. The most important King is one of the weakest piece as it can just move one step in either direction. Then comes the Queen, the most powerful among all pieces, as she can move straight to any direction as far as possible. The Rook may move as far as it wants to in any direction but not diagonally where Bishop can move as many blocks but diagonally only. Then comes the Knight which is different from all other as it moves in “L” direction. Two moves straight and a right angled move to either side and it is only one piece which can move over the other pieces. Last but not the least comes the Pawns, the unusual, as it moves in different path and captures in different path. It moves forward one block but at the start of the game it can move two blocks. It captures diagonally only and it has the special ability to interchange with any piece once it reach the other side of the board.
Along with entertainment and time pass chess has other benefits too, as it helps in developing the logical thinking and it also promotes imagination and creativity. Chess teaches independence when you are forced to take critical decisions at tensed situation which also make us able to take tough decisions in our real life also. Chess is great game to play for children as it can help in development of brain at an early age. Parents should encourage their children to play chess along with outdoor games.
So keep playing chess and keep your mind healthy throughout the life.

Chess: The Game of Champions!

Every sport and hobby produces at least a few individuals which excelled in that particular activity, with chess hardly being an exception to this occurrence. Below are just a few of the noteworthy individuals within the world of chess.
Just a Few of the Greats

  • Maurice Ashley. Ashley was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but was raised in the United States. It was during his time in the USA that Ashley became an avid player of chess in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, eventually attaining the ranks of NM in 1986 and GM in 1999; 1999 was also the year that Ashley established the Harlem Chess School. Ashley is noteworthy for having also become the first African-American GM. The U.S. Chess Federation named him “Grandmaster of the Year” four years after gaining the title. Ashley is also the author of Chess for Success, which he wrote in 2005.
  • José Raúl Capablanca. Capablanca was a Cuban player who won the 1922 world championship. However, his more impressive claim to chess fame is that, amidst all of the tournaments held between 1916 and 1924, Capablanca never lost a single match.
  • Bobby Fischer. Bobby Fischer was the first American to ever become a World Champion at the game of chess. Fischer was swiftly recognized as a prodigy and soared up to GM status at only 15 years old. One of Fischer’s greatest matches occurred in Iceland, during the peak of the Cold War, against Russian world champion, Boris Spassky. Fischer defeated Spassky over the course of 21 games. Afterward, Fischer would become increasingly difficult to interact with; he refused a match against ICF challenger Anatoly Karpov and later resurfaced nearly two decades later to rematch against Spassky in Belgrade. Although Fischer’s match defied sanctions against Yugoslavia by the United States, he earned both the $3.5 million prize and fugitive status. After an issue with leaving Japan’s airport without an American passport and several months of detainment, Fischer was given Icelandic citizenship; where he lived out the rest of his days.

Online Chess – A New Way to Play Chess

Chess is a game which was introduced early in 6th century in India. At that time, the chess pieces represented the political structure of the region. The empires had elephants, horses, soldiers, king, queen which evolved into rook, knight, pawns, and so on. Chess was played on a square board, 8*8 with 64 squares and 16 pieces each side. Chess became a sport around the 19th century when tournaments were being played.

Traditional chess is played using a standard wooden board with black and white squares on it. The pieces are also colored black and white corresponding to the board. Chess tournaments are played on a simple table with chess board in the center and players on either side. Each player is assigned a timer watch to calculate the time taken to play his turn. Playing chess with friends is also fun. One does not need a timer, but can play without it. The general chess rules may apply.

To enhance the chess experience more, Online chess is introduced. During the time when computers were launched, much of physical work moved onto computers. Many games were developed and chess was also amongst them. Playing chess on computer is altogether different experience. Player vs player or player vs computer are the two forms a person can play. The skills are the same and knowledge of chess rules is a must. The layout is the same as standard chess, just its virtual and on screen rather than physical.

Another form of Online chess is playing through internet. You don’t need to worry about your friend not with you or in the same country. You just have to ensure that he/she has an internet connection and that’s it. With the help of internet, you can connect online and play chess games with your friend. Many sites host online chess tournaments also online which are a fun way to play with other people across the world. To play online, you must ensure that your computer is connected to the internet. You have all the plug-ins installed on your computer which the game demands. It’s a great platform to establish relationships with like minded people who have the same interest in chess.

The game scenario is the same as it is in real chess. There are 2 players, one takes black and the other player takes white pieces. The moves are the same for the chess pieces. You can play via a keyboard or a mouse as per your convenience. The added advantage is that you can foresee the path where you can move your chess pieces. This is a great help for beginners.

The best part about playing online chess is that you can play it anytime and with anyone, whether on your computer, phone or tablet. The more you play, more your ranking will improve in the virtual chess world. The internet games will help the players to get the experience of playing from the grand masters. This will greatly enable them to in sharpening their chess skills. There are different levels where the players can play.

Setting Up the Chess Board

A chess game consists of a chess board which is a square board of 8*8 squares, and chess pieces. A chess board is made up of squares of light and dark colour, usually black and white. For each colour, there are 16 chess pieces namely, 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 1 King and 1 Queen. A standard chess board is set up as follows.

King and Queen are set up at the center of each side. With white queen on white box and black on black box respectively. Next to the queen at the center is King. They are usually set up as the king faces the opponent king and same is for queen. The next pieces beside the king and queen are Bishop. They move backwards and forward in diagonal direction only, so they stay on their original colour throughout the game.

Then comes the knight . It comes next to the bishops. The movement of knight pieces are in the shape of ‘L’. So it moves straight 2 boxes and then 90 degree to the right or left. The unique characteristic of Knight is that it can jump over pieces which are in its way.

Next to the knight is the Rook. The rook is the last piece of the row and stands on both ends. Its movement is straight forward /backward or right left. This completes the first row of chess pieces.

On the second row are the 8 pawns. Pawns are the lowest of all chess pieces and they act like an army. They stand as a guard to the king, queen and their counterparts. Pawns just advance one square at a time. But during their first turn, the pawns can move 2 squares, but not after that. The pawn can only attack the opponent if it is standing on the front diagonal square. It cannot attack opponent if it’s directly in front of it. A unique power of a pawn is that if it reaches the last row of the opponent, it can bring back a piece of a bigger power.

So that is how we set up a simple chess board to play. Set up yours and start playing!

Understanding the Different Chess Set Designs

Chess is one of the most renowned indoor games. A chess game equipment consists of a chess board and chess pieces or chessmen of both the teams. One player is team Black and the other is White. In general, their colours need not to be specifically black or white. The darker chessmen are by defauly black, while the lighter ones are white. A rookie might think that all chessmen are the same, but this is not necessary. The pieces are the same, but their appearance mught differ depending on various chess sets.

Chess sets are broadly classfied into the upcoming categories.
The most rampant chess set is the Staunton style. All international level tournaments are played on this standard Staunton chess set and this is the only legal style in tournaments. Nathaniel Cook invented this type of design in 19th century.

Wood is the primary and standard material used to create these chess sets. By default, the king is the tallest piece with a cross on its head and pawns are the smallest. Queen is a little short than the king. A characteristic icon of Staunton chess pieces is that the human characters like the king, queen, pawn have a disc called coller below their heads, which pieces like Knight or Rook does not.

For the other audience, the non-competetion one, a unique and artistic chess design known as Berliner chess set is designed. They are unique chess sets made for the Elegant class. They are not the standard pieces, but are different in look and design. They came into existence in the 20th century, when chess became not just a game, but a piece of art collection.

The craftmanship is unique and can be seen by closely looking closely at the pieces’s details. The colour of the pieces may or may not be black and white, but it will depend on the material used to make it. They are quoted at a high price as most of them are handmade. Some are even vintage sets which are no longer built. They are made by boxwood. This clearly justifies that chess is not just a game anymore, but an art piece as well.

Becoming a True Master at Chess

It’s a long a difficult road when you are trying to become a true master of chess. You shouldn’t think that you have to be a genius to understand the game and be able to play truly well. This is a game of logic, strategy, and being able to anticipate the moves of the other player. When you are just beginning, you will lose a lot and it can become frustrating. If you keep going and keep learning more, you can truly master the game.

  • Play, Play, Play: The best thing you can do to start learning how to master the game of chess is to play the game and play as often as you can. It’s true that practice makes perfect in things like this. You should play against all kinds of people and ask them about their game and tricks they have learned over the years. Way to many people focus their time on reading books and don’t get out there and get lots of practice. You can’t know what to expect until you get out there and give it a try, fail, and try again.
  • Watch Games: One of the best ways that you can learn is to watch more experienced players play the game. You can pick up a lot of tricks when you do this. If you watch other peoples strategy it will help you come up with ways that you can manipulate the game on your own. There are lots of videos out there where you can watch some of the best chess players in the world do what they do best. You may not be as good as them, but learning their moves can help you play against others and make playing you more of a challenge once you get better.
  • Read: It’s not bad to read books based on chess game, just don’t let it monopolize your time when learning. Reading is a great way to understand the basics of the game. You can also learn some strategy from books and also hear the words of the pros when they talked about how they came to be where they are. Books are great for beginners because you do not want to sit down at a table and not even know how the pieces move and so on. You can also learn adaptations of the game and the rather interesting history about the game and how it came about.