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Black and White of Chess

Viswanathan Anand drew comfortably in straight 54 moves against fellow ex-World champion Veselin Topalov in the second round of the World Candidates Chess Tournament at Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. Anand had produced a scintillating display to topple favourite Levon Aronian in the opening round at the same event earlier.

Anand, at 44, is the oldest among the eight Candidates battling to earn the right to challenge World champion Magnus Carlsen later this year. This was Anand’s third career-victory over Aronian and first with white pieces. Anand’s last victory over the World number two came in the elite Tata Steel tournament at Wijk aan Zee, near Amsterdam, in January last year. Since the players were separated by 60 rating points, the victory for Anand was worth 5.8 points and took his live rating to 2775.8. As a result, Anand temporarily moved up a rung, to the seventh spot in the world rankings.

At another part of the world, the World Chess Olympiad Qualifers’s second phase for the World Chess Olympiad will get underway this weekend on 15th -16th March at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Kampala. There is a stiff fight for the available slots to make the team. The event features male players with international ratings and the top 20 unrated who qualified from the previous phase. A total of 8 rounds will be played in the male category of the following weekend on 22-23 March 2014. The top 12 will be picked to proceed to the next and last phase due in May. Over this weekend, the ladies will be battling in their final phase featuring the top 12 in a round robin to determine the top 5 to feature on the National team. The event will be graced with the attendance of FIDE Vice President, Ali Nihat Yazici and Africa Chess Union President, Lakhdar Mazoouz.

Queen – The Most Powerful

Chess, with different pieces but varying in quantity, includes a King, a Queen, and 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 Bishops and 8 pawns. Each of the different character in the game has different nature or movements and all have their own specialty or role. Though queen is my favorite piece in the game as it is the powerful one. It can move straight to any direction as far as possible, can catch any column and joins the moves of the rook and the bishop.

The Queen piece is set in the center rank contiguous the King. As per the white and dark sections on the chess board, the white Queen is put on the white square and the dark Queen Chess piece is set on the dark one. That is called Queen on color. Since chess appoints no focuses to the ruler, this makes the Queen chess piece the most significant.

Some chess players are of belief that some minor pieces are similarly great as the Queen piece. Anyway Gary Karpov, the former world chess champion accepts that a side without a Queen piece is comparable to crushed or defeated.

A solid willed and savvy lady will realize what to do when man is going to get harm. She goes about as a front liner in order to escape issues, and she may even throw the jab simply to dodge a much more troublesome issue. She goes about as the person who appeases the anger inside his man’s heart; she doesn’t permit his man to feel self indulgence or any shakiness which may demolish his self-control. She is the Queen, the defender of her King’s enthusiastic side. Role of queen directly represents the role of women in real life. have variety of special offers on chess boards and pieces that make your game more interested.

Chess playing as an advantage for youngsters

It has been demonstrated that playing chess is an incredible studying aid and boost improvement for all ages, especially for young people. All games that include strategies, man-oeuvres and understanding rules could be educational and help sustain the brain’s capacities.

Along with this playing chess together as a family furnishes a protected and fun activity that each family member can take part in and get a charge out of, incorporating youthful youngsters, mother and father, and even grand-parents.

Playing this game helps youngsters with their social abilities and how to communicate with others, a critical component in ordinary life. Looking into alternatives, settling on choices, how to be patient, and comprehension and applying different standards is the rule with chess.

It is a well known game that is actually being utilized within school educational programs everywhere throughout the world now-a-days as its exceedingly successful in enhancing memory and different capacities. Research has indicated that learners test effects improvement when they are participating in playing chess on a regular bases, more so than those scholars who join different exercises. School chess sets are available to be purchased online at a value affordable by everybody.

A chess set consists of two things, 32 chess pieces and a chess board. The chess board can be created out of different materials extending from basic cardboard to glass, metal or even colorful hardwoods. Devoted online chess retailer to carry UK web customers the exact best chess sets at the precise best prices, Chess Maze International is a group of eCommerce and online marketing experts who are committed to presenting the best internet ordering experience. Assuming that you are searching for superior yet low priced Glass Chess Sets, School chess sets or even Staunton chess sets.

Selecting Right Chess Boards and Pieces

For Chess players, selection of the right pieces and board is prominent amongst the most essential task that they will do. Selection, of the right board and pieces, is particularly not as easy as there are such a variety of choices available for it. You will be thinking if your activities would be utilized basically as a show-piece or for playing purpose or both. There are plentiful websites where you can get facts interconnected with chess sets and boards, however the choice will eventually hinge upon your style and obviously your own particular plan.

When you are deciding to pay for a chess board, you need to pick the excellent quality that your budget will permit, since having a quality chess will last for an exceptionally long time and might be given to relatives. You will also realize that individuals will treat you like a prepared player when they find the time and efforts you put into picking your finely made chess set. You must notice the right look and appropriate weight of your pieces, particularly provided, while purchasing a tournament style board.

The point when picking the pieces and the board, you will discover that, having pieces matching one another is satisfying to the eye and more delightful to play. You will jump at the chance to purchase sturdier pieces assuming that you want to utilize them regularly or only for tournaments. You might consider about buying weighted plastic pieces rather than additional costly pieces. But picking the right set will guarantee that you will be prepared whenever you want to play the Chess.

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All About Crystal Chess Sets

It was during 900s, when the Arabs who brought chess pieces to Europe through the Arab expansion via Spain. These were of Persian & Indian designs, which later served as models for European design. It is believed that these pieces probably arrived in Spain between 950 and 1030. Iranian and Mesopotamian workshops also excelled in the manufacture of rock crystal and glass. Chess was soon incorporated into the knightly lifestyle in Europe. Chess also became a subject of art and fashion throughout this era. Many crystal chess items formed fashion lifestyle products like caskets and pendants and became so popular that it was available in span Europe. Queen Margaret of England’s green and red chess sets, made from crystals symbolized chess’s position in royal art treasures.

Glass or crystal chess sets were handmade, which added to their royalty, beauty and aristocratic value. After molding the glass, the crystals are formed and are moved to annealing oven and then to cutting process. Finally those crystals are polished to sparkling pieces of chess. Thus, proving to be far superior as compared to wooden or plastic chess sets. Glass chessboards are also used as decorative or gifting items. Unlike wood, they are expensive, but their beauty is unequaled.
On the same note, our Chrysler Handmade Glass Chess Set is also handmade, with a lot of effort and care. Paired with Shisham woodboard, the uniqueness of this product cannot be matched.

Various types of Crystal Chess sets are:

  1. Quadrant Crystal Chess Set- The Strass chess set is made in the Swarovski chess set model out of the Swarovski factors of substantial quality along with a mirror chessboard.
  2. Strass Chess Set (Swarovski)- The Strass chess set is made in the Swarovski chess set model out of the Swarovski factors of substantial quality along with a mirror chessboard.
  3. Strass Staunton Chess Set- In this set, the common machine slice crystals has been employed. They are also less expensive as compared to the above two.

Staunton Brings Affluence

Staunton is undoubtedly the most acknowledged style of chess set worldwide today. Conceived in the mid 1800′s it soon became the classic design for chess pieces and has been emulated ever since. Nathaniel Cook designed the blueprint, and they are named after Howard Staunton.

The chess pieces designed by Nathaniel were ebony and boxwood sets loaded with lead to make provision for added stability and the underneath of each piece was enclosed with felt. This brought the players the hallucination that the chessmen were floating across the chessboard. Exclusive ivory sets were designed from African ivory. The size of king ranged from 3 1⁄2 to 4 1⁄2 inches (89 to 110 mm) and the sets extensively came in a carton-pierre case, each set bearing a replica of Staunton’s signature under the lid.

The Staunton pieces broadly appear like columns with a voluminous molded base. Knights feature the carved head and neck of a horse. Kings, the tallest pieces of the chess set, top the column with a stylized closed crown surmounted with a cross pattée. Queens are smaller than kings, and feature a coronet surmounted with a tiny ball. Rooks feature crenellated battlements and bishops feature a Western-style mitre. Pawns are the smallest of all and are mounted by a plain ball. Pieces characterizing human characters (the king, queen, bishop, and pawn) feature a flat disk dissecting the body from the head design, termed as collar.

There are now 1000′s of variants of the Staunton style available and new versions are coming out every year in market. At Chessmaze International, range of Staunton chess sets are of the finest quality you will find in UK. We source only from the world’s best producers where quality comes before price. Only the finest indexed materials are used along with expert craftsmanship to make you available the best quality chess pieces.

Tips For Choosing The Right Chess Set

Chess is a game of strategy with two players. It consist of a game board with 64 squares and 16 chess pieces. This game is known by many and is played in tournaments around the world. Serious chess players do not wish to use just any chess set. The chess set has to be of high quality that will stand the test of time.

When choosing a chess set, one must decide what is important. What type of chess board would you like? There are many different Chess Boards types of and sets. Decorative sets are purchased mainly for display in a home. They range from extravagant figurines to sets made from marble. Most people purchase the decorative sets, but never play them.

The serious player chooses a practical chess set with a chess board that is sturdy and will hold up in tournaments. The integrity of the competition chess set is important to up keep. Many competitors choose wooden chess boards. Wooden chess sets are sturdy and come with a carrying case perfect for the competitive chess player.

So choosing a chess set that is right for you can be a daunting task. It’s not as simple as picking up just any set off the shelf. For the serious player the integrity of the set is important. The quality of the pieces must be of the highest standard and the board must be smooth and strong. Price may also be a consideration. High quality chess sets can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. How important is chess in your life? If you answered very important, then you must be willing to pay a bit more for your chess set than the novice player.

So use these tips when purchasing your next chess set. Look at price and decide your maximum amount you’re willing to spend. Check the integrity of the carrying case and make sure the latch is durable and safe. Consider the strength of the chess pieces and the type of board you want. If you do all of these things when shopping for your chess set, you will walk away satisfied with your decision.