Chess Tournament Winner Declared in Kolkata

It brought a great deal of excitement and anticipation and now the Kolkata Open 2014 has finally drawn to a close, with winner Oliver Barbosa taking the title.

The down to earth winner from the Philippines fought his way against many talented players to scoop the title, with a great deal of determination and spirit.

Held in Sadan between the 14th and 24th March 2014 in Kolkata, the chess tournament was a global event, with 77 players participating from 14 countries around the world. The average rating of the players was 2394, with Oliver claiming a highly respectful score of 2688 for his performance.

With a total prize fund of 1,400,000 Indian Rupees, this was a tournament everyone was eager to win, but luckily for Oliver, he managed to secure the much anticipated victory for his own.

Oliver is no stranger to winning major competitions; this is his third tournament victory in India with the Bhubaneshwar Open and Delhi Open also under his belt.

He spoke about the tournament, saying that his favourite game was against Konstantin Landa, who is also a widely recognised figure in the chess world.

With exciting tournaments like this and the presence of so many talented players from all over the world, it is clear to understand why chess is such a popular sport these days and one which is continuing to grow in popularity.

It is thought that there are around 600 million chess players in the world and with the continued development of electronic chess apps and devices; it is a figure which is only set to grow in the future.

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