How to set up a Chessboard


A chess game is made up of chess board that’s a square board of chess pieces, and 8*8 squares. A chess board consists of squares of dark and light colour, generally monochrome. For every colour, there are 16 chess pieces specifically, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 8 pawns, 1 King and 1 Queen. As follows a regular chess board is put in place.

Queen and King are put in place in the middle of every side. With black on black box and white queen on white box. They’re generally set up as the king confronts same and the competition king is for queen. The following pieces beside queen and the king are Bishop. They go forwards and back in diagonal direction only, so that they remain through the entire sport on their own original colour.

The movement of knight pieces have been in the contour of ‘L’. So that it transfers straight 90 degree and 2 cartons to the right or left. The exceptional feature of Knight is the fact that it may jump over pieces which are in its manner.

The rook stands on both ends and is the final piece of the row. Its motion is directly forward / left or backwards. This finishes the initial row of chess pieces.

They stand as a safeguard to the king, queen as well as their counterparts. One square at a time only advances. But during their very first turn, 2 squares can move, although not after that. When it is standing on the front diagonal square the pawn can only just attack the competition. If it is directly in the front of it, it cannot assault rival.

So that’s exactly how we set up a chessboard that is simple to play. Set yours up and begin playing!