Journey to Stardom – Becoming a Grandmaster (Part – 1)

Chess enthusiasts often wonder what it takes to attain the ultimate title of a Grandmaster. The obvious answer is brains but brains cannot function without undergoing tests of strength and endurance often found in contact sport. The strength here refers to the memory and the nerve as endurance.

Attack, Defend and Retreat are some of the moves heard about connected to tactical mind games in case of military strategy. Military commanders sometimes call it a game of “chess”.

In achieving GM (abbreviated) status involves the levels and process right from recording the start of one’s career.

Treat this as a Hobby - The best start would to be introduced to chess for clear unbiased experience at trying out this game where people often associate it with the word ‘War’ delegating it to so much serious perception about this sport. Pass your time and feel the game. Hobby leads to passion and that’s when you are ready to take it head on.

Read – about chess boards to collect and its evolving nature from the medieval to the modern. Try to understand the reason for the moves by world champions to outclass their competitors. Different scenarios or case studies give an overview on the foundations of how to start and sustain the momentum. Dedicate some hours a day to studying chess.

Play a lot – With an open mind only practice, practice and practice with all levels of players. Since you are an amateur have fun with the game. Participation in school, collegiate, club exposes you to levels of intensity. Training becomes a way of living now. There is a general misbelieve that 5-7 tournaments per year are necessary to have any chance to become an International master

Face Risks - to the extent of challenging your mind against the toughest opponents of the game. This is far from true and the proof is that there are old grand masters who were happy to play one tournament per year. More important is to be prepared for the tournaments you do play in and to go there with all your forces charged at maximum. Make moves where you may be exposed to a losing position. Learning your way to wriggle out of this situation will engrave your name in history. More games and losses can give that valuable experience in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.