Online Chess – A New Way to Play Chess

Chess is a game which was introduced early in 6th century in India. At that time, the chess pieces represented the political structure of the region. The empires had elephants, horses, soldiers, king, queen which evolved into rook, knight, pawns, and so on. Chess was played on a square board, 8*8 with 64 squares and 16 pieces each side. Chess became a sport around the 19th century when tournaments were being played.

Traditional chess is played using a standard wooden board with black and white squares on it. The pieces are also colored black and white corresponding to the board. Chess tournaments are played on a simple table with chess board in the center and players on either side. Each player is assigned a timer watch to calculate the time taken to play his turn. Playing chess with friends is also fun. One does not need a timer, but can play without it. The general chess rules may apply.

To enhance the chess experience more, Online chess is introduced. During the time when computers were launched, much of physical work moved onto computers. Many games were developed and chess was also amongst them. Playing chess on computer is altogether different experience. Player vs player or player vs computer are the two forms a person can play. The skills are the same and knowledge of chess rules is a must. The layout is the same as standard chess, just its virtual and on screen rather than physical.

Another form of Online chess is playing through internet. You don’t need to worry about your friend not with you or in the same country. You just have to ensure that he/she has an internet connection and that’s it. With the help of internet, you can connect online and play chess games with your friend. Many sites host online chess tournaments also online which are a fun way to play with other people across the world. To play online, you must ensure that your computer is connected to the internet. You have all the plug-ins installed on your computer which the game demands. It’s a great platform to establish relationships with like minded people who have the same interest in chess.

The game scenario is the same as it is in real chess. There are 2 players, one takes black and the other player takes white pieces. The moves are the same for the chess pieces. You can play via a keyboard or a mouse as per your convenience. The added advantage is that you can foresee the path where you can move your chess pieces. This is a great help for beginners.

The best part about playing online chess is that you can play it anytime and with anyone, whether on your computer, phone or tablet. The more you play, more your ranking will improve in the virtual chess world. The internet games will help the players to get the experience of playing from the grand masters. This will greatly enable them to in sharpening their chess skills. There are different levels where the players can play.