Promoting Chess for Children at the Hay Festival 2014

Last year it was fronted by the Duchess of Cornwall and this year, the Hays Festival has continued to introduce school children to the benefits of chess for learning and building confidence.

Chess classes are being held at schools across Britain, especially in Wales where there are classes at a range of different schools throughout the country.

It is thought that the sport has been responsible for the increase in learning amongst children and there have been vast improvements shown by those who participate in regular games.

Chess is well known for the effects it can have on strengthening the mind and thus, can improve learning in subjects such as mathematics.

The most recent Hays Festival was held in May and featured Telegraph chess correspondent and international master, Malcolm Pein, as well as chess trainer, Sarah Kett. The classes for children were held for 6-15 year olds at all levels of ability.

This event is an exciting opportunity for children to learn more about chess and gain a passion for it which will help them develop skills which will help them throughout their life.

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