Queen – The Most Powerful

Chess, with different pieces but varying in quantity, includes a King, a Queen, and 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 Bishops and 8 pawns. Each of the different character in the game has different nature or movements and all have their own specialty or role. Though queen is my favorite piece in the game as it is the powerful one. It can move straight to any direction as far as possible, can catch any column and joins the moves of the rook and the bishop.

The Queen piece is set in the center rank contiguous the King. As per the white and dark sections on the chess board, the white Queen is put on the white square and the dark Queen Chess piece is set on the dark one. That is called Queen on color. Since chess appoints no focuses to the ruler, this makes the Queen chess piece the most significant.

Some chess players are of belief that some minor pieces are similarly great as the Queen piece. Anyway Gary Karpov, the former world chess champion accepts that a side without a Queen piece is comparable to crushed or defeated.

A solid willed and savvy lady will realize what to do when man is going to get harm. She goes about as a front liner in order to escape issues, and she may even throw the jab simply to dodge a much more troublesome issue. She goes about as the person who appeases the anger inside his man’s heart; she doesn’t permit his man to feel self indulgence or any shakiness which may demolish his self-control. She is the Queen, the defender of her King’s enthusiastic side. Role of queen directly represents the role of women in real life.

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