Setting Up the Chess Board

A chess game consists of a chess board which is a square board of 8*8 squares, and chess pieces. A chess board is made up of squares of light and dark colour, usually black and white. For each colour, there are 16 chess pieces namely, 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 1 King and 1 Queen. A standard chess board is set up as follows.

King and Queen are set up at the center of each side. With white queen on white box and black on black box respectively. Next to the queen at the center is King. They are usually set up as the king faces the opponent king and same is for queen. The next pieces beside the king and queen are Bishop. They move backwards and forward in diagonal direction only, so they stay on their original colour throughout the game.

Then comes the knight . It comes next to the bishops. The movement of knight pieces are in the shape of ‘L’. So it moves straight 2 boxes and then 90 degree to the right or left. The unique characteristic of Knight is that it can jump over pieces which are in its way.

Next to the knight is the Rook. The rook is the last piece of the row and stands on both ends. Its movement is straight forward /backward or right left. This completes the first row of chess pieces.

On the second row are the 8 pawns. Pawns are the lowest of all chess pieces and they act like an army. They stand as a guard to the king, queen and their counterparts. Pawns just advance one square at a time. But during their first turn, the pawns can move 2 squares, but not after that. The pawn can only attack the opponent if it is standing on the front diagonal square. It cannot attack opponent if it’s directly in front of it. A unique power of a pawn is that if it reaches the last row of the opponent, it can bring back a piece of a bigger power.

So that is how we set up a simple chess board to play. Set up yours and start playing!

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