Staunton Brings Affluence

Staunton is undoubtedly the most acknowledged style of chess set worldwide today. Conceived in the mid 1800′s it soon became the classic design for chess pieces and has been emulated ever since. Nathaniel Cook designed the blueprint, and they are named after Howard Staunton.

The chess pieces designed by Nathaniel were ebony and boxwood sets loaded with lead to make provision for added stability and the underneath of each piece was enclosed with felt. This brought the players the hallucination that the chessmen were floating across the chessboard. Exclusive ivory sets were designed from African ivory. The size of king ranged from 3 1⁄2 to 4 1⁄2 inches (89 to 110 mm) and the sets extensively came in a carton-pierre case, each set bearing a replica of Staunton’s signature under the lid.

The Staunton pieces broadly appear like columns with a voluminous molded base. Knights feature the carved head and neck of a horse. Kings, the tallest pieces of the chess set, top the column with a stylized closed crown surmounted with a cross pattée. Queens are smaller than kings, and feature a coronet surmounted with a tiny ball. Rooks feature crenellated battlements and bishops feature a Western-style mitre. Pawns are the smallest of all and are mounted by a plain ball. Pieces characterizing human characters (the king, queen, bishop, and pawn) feature a flat disk dissecting the body from the head design, termed as collar.

There are now 1000′s of variants of the Staunton style available and new versions are coming out every year in market. At Chessmaze International, range of Staunton chess sets are of the finest quality you will find in UK. We source only from the world’s best producers where quality comes before price. Only the finest indexed materials are used along with expert craftsmanship to make you available the best quality chess pieces.

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