Staunton Chess Sets crafted from Luxurious Wood

Staunton is certainly the most recognized fashion of chess globally now set. Imagined in the mid 1800?s it shortly became the classic layout for chess pieces and has really been emulated ever since. The pattern was designed by Nathaniel Cook, and they can be named after Howard Staunton.

The chess pieces were boxwood and ebony chess sets loaded to produce provision for additional stability as well as the underneath of every piece was enclosed with felt. This brought the hallucination to the players the chessmen were floating over the chessboard.

The Staunton pieces generally appear like columns using a molded foundation that is voluminous. Knights feature neck and the carved head of a horse. The tallest pieces of the chess set, Kings, top the column using a shut that is stylized crown surmounted using a cross pattee. Queens feature a coronet surmounted using a small sphere, and are smaller than kings. Rooks attribute bishops and crenellated battlements feature a Western-style mitre. Pawns will be the lowest of all and are mounted with a ball that is simple.

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