Understanding the Different Chess Set Designs

Chess is one of the most renowned indoor games. A chess game equipment consists of a chess board and chess pieces or chessmen of both the teams. One player is team Black and the other is White. In general, their colours need not to be specifically black or white. The darker chessmen are by defauly black, while the lighter ones are white. A rookie might think that all chessmen are the same, but this is not necessary. The pieces are the same, but their appearance mught differ depending on various chess sets.

Chess sets are broadly classfied into the upcoming categories.
The most rampant chess set is the Staunton style. All international level tournaments are played on this standard Staunton chess set and this is the only legal style in tournaments. Nathaniel Cook invented this type of design in 19th century.

Wood is the primary and standard material used to create these chess sets. By default, the king is the tallest piece with a cross on its head and pawns are the smallest. Queen is a little short than the king. A characteristic icon of Staunton chess pieces is that the human characters like the king, queen, pawn have a disc called coller below their heads, which pieces like Knight or Rook does not.

For the other audience, the non-competetion one, a unique and artistic chess design known as Berliner chess set is designed. They are unique chess sets made for the Elegant class. They are not the standard pieces, but are different in look and design. They came into existence in the 20th century, when chess became not just a game, but a piece of art collection.

The craftmanship is unique and can be seen by closely looking closely at the pieces’s details. The colour of the pieces may or may not be black and white, but it will depend on the material used to make it. They are quoted at a high price as most of them are handmade. Some are even vintage sets which are no longer built. They are made by boxwood. This clearly justifies that chess is not just a game anymore, but an art piece as well.

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