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                                              Chess Boxes and Cases

There is nothing worse than the anticipation of settling down to a good game of chess, only to discover that some of your chess pieces are missing and you won’t have the necessary amount to play your beloved game. Not only this, but losing chess pieces can be an expense which most of us could do without. This is why it is important to keep them safe at all times.

It is for these occasions that a chess box will be your saving grace and will help keep all your chess pieces contained within the one area, so you never get caught short.
There are a wide range of chess boxes to suit all tastes and needs, including the Birchwood Storage Box which is a plain, natural designed box, which will hold pieces of up to 3.5 inches. The chess box is sculpted with the finest of workmanship to make it a delicate but fully functional chess box which you will be proud to show off to your competition.

If you have a desire for a more luxurious option of chess box, you will find nothing but pure indulgence with the Luxury Walnut Chess Box Made in Italy. This chess box boasts a stunning design and is an example of an art masterpiece which will keep your chess pieces safe and contained in the one area. This also features two bays for your storage facilities and a lock to keep your precious chess pieces out of the way of prying eyes.
Another design of chess box which encompasses style with practicality is the Tan Vinyl Suede Lined Chess Box which will keep your chess pieces stored away safely following your chess games, so you never have to worry about losing your chess pieces again. The slots on the chess box are ideal for containing your pieces and you can easily locate them whenever you are ready to commence battle. 

The Black Leatherette with Felt Lining is a chess box which oozes character and can store chess pieces which are a bit larger, up to 4.25 inches. The felt lining contained within this chess box will keep your chess pieces protected from scratches or breakages.
If you own chess pieces which are designer or luxury, it is even more important to keep them protected and with the chess boxes available, you are spoiled for choice.


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