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Leningrad Ebonised Chessmen

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Leningrad Ebonised Chessmen

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Prod. ID: 2221

In the 1950s and 1960s the Zagreb Chess Set was one of the most popular chess sets used at major international chess tournaments, most notably the World Championship Candidates Match that was held in Bied, Zagreb in 1959.Thus, you may often see this set called the Zagreb '59. (Zagreb is now the capital of Croatia.)
We have renamed and improved the set substantially,  just look at the beautiful Knight with  arched neck , perked ears and an icy stare, this set is sure to be a favourite among the collector or occasional  chess player.


King height 3.78" 
King base is 1.62" (41.27 mm).
King weight is 2.5 oz (70.82 g).
Set weight is 2.86 lbs (1.30 kg).
Complete set of 32 Chess pieces.


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