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Luxury Walnut Isle of Lewis Chess Set

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Luxury Walnut Isle of Lewis Chess Set

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Prod. ID: 2704

A stunning combination featuring our luxury Italian Walnut chessboard matched beautifully with our Isle of Lewis Ivory and Teak chess pieces.

Whether you’re a casual player, or a grandmaster, your chess set should be a beacon of personal taste and elegance. Your children and your grandchildren will learn the game in school. Give them the opportunity to ‘castle’ on grandpa’s gorgeous chess set. A timeless game should look beautiful forever. This stunning Giglio Asla Chess Board makes a fantastic centerpiece to any study or living room. The beautiful wood is complete with the same meticulous and classic intarsia inlay design that has defined the Sorrento company for over a century. This wood canvas is the perfect battliefield for the noble knight or the all-important queen.This board is a perfect example of tradition trumping trend, as the simple highlights of the wood and inlay are all the style a sartorial gamer should ever need. Truly, a beautiful board.


A stunning chess set that would grace any office or living room! 

Full set of 32 Piece resin chessmen 3.5 King Height. Felted Pieces.

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£ 199.00


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