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Unicorn Sandal wood Limited Edition Chess Set

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Unicorn Sandal wood Limited Edition Chess Set

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Prod. ID: 1995

Registration number 325035 UK Copyright Office

Designed by one of the world's prolific manufacturer of heirloom chess products. Hand carved by master craftsman. From Amritsar, the city of the golden temple, it is with great pleasure that we bring you the Unicorn series chess set. An outstanding set of chess pieces, the Knight is almost life like, this noble steed heads the way into battle. The Sovereign has luxury leather pads fitted to its base. The King bears the hallmark of the Inspired by Staunton range of collectible works of Art. The hand carving to the knights in particular is meticulous.

This set exemplifies a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality.
King Height: 4.25 inches, weight of King 102g
King's Base Diameter: 1.75inches
Materials Used: Padauk and Boxwood

About the Inspired Staunton ™ range

A collection of the Worlds most beautiful and unique chess designs. For the statesman, serious chess collector or perhaps one who enjoys the beauty of art. ChessMaze has commissioned a series of unique and innovative chess designs borne out of the Artists imagination and inspiration from the Staunton pattern chess sets.

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