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If you are looking for a company that genuinely cares about its customer service, then look no further. Here at Chessmaze we are experts in everything chess! A family run enterprise, we excel in supplying quality chess sets and related board games. We have been in this business for over 20 years and are still as enthusiastic as we were the day our company began trading way back in 1993. If you're looking for chess sets for sale, then rest assured our expertise is second to none. We are a very proud English Company offering competitively priced quality sets and chess boards. Buy from us today and choose a UK company you can trust, make the right move!
30 Day Return Policy, Free Shipping and Low Prices. 
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Our Customers love us!

Hi, It is a rare thing to find that something you have bought, far exceeds your expectations, but so it was with the items I have recently purchased from you. The superb attention to detail of the pieces was complimented by the lovely board, giving us a chess set we will always treasure. Your service in answering my telephone query during the Christmas holidays was second to none. Many, many thanks. Kind regards, Mick and Linda


Hi Carl, Received the chess set, absolutely beautifully hand crafted and they generously included a lovely, quality travel chess set too! Very much appreciated, obviously a very good company, thank you." Mr S

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We were instrumental in introducing into the UK a new series of designs based on past chess masters such as Howard Staunton the British Grand Master. These superb sets have been carefully produced using a technique to add patina to the boxwood pieces. These beautiful chess pieces represent a styling of a bygone era, reminiscent to that of the golden age of chess designed around the very popular Jaques of London

We stock the finest antiqued chess sets on the market. Our directors have spent countless hours in meetings with our manufacturers discussing the precise specifications and aesthetics we wanted to achieve in these fine collection edition chessmen. Suffice to say the end results are very impressive. The Official Staunton range of chess pieces is without doubt amongst the finest sets we have ever had the pleasure of bringing to the market. Invest in a sublime heirloom chess set, we know you will love them as do we! 



Browse our range of quality hand crafted travel chess sets we have a great selection of styles and sizes to suit every budding grandmaster. We are stockists of the English chess company products which have a higher benchmark quality than most other chess retailers stock. We have magnetic and non magnetic sets and a selection of budget sets imported from Poland which are both practical and very good value. One of our most popular sets is our 14 inch folding sheesham set constructed from solid wood. This set is superb as it is a larger travel set and would suit the club/pub player


As a major player in the chess industry we have the resources to purchase in very large volume, which in turn means we are able to secure the best prices from our manufacturers and pass the savings over to you the customer. We have secured a sole distribution of what can only be described as the very best quality chess boards on the current chess market. Our prestige range of boards are manufactured in Sorrento, Italy. The quality benchmark of these superb chessboards is second to none. Many other retailers import similar boards from Spain however there is a vast difference in quality and whilst they will list them as high quality we have found to our expense this is not the case. Rest assured the Italians are Masters in inlaid marquetry work and we are delighted to be partnered with one of the oldest and most respected inlaid specialists in the World today.



We have a sublime collection of the world's finest hand carved sets. Back in 2010 we commissioned a collection of 5 original designs, of which the Andalusian chess set was the flagship. The Andalusian set was a huge success and very soon became a world wide must have in your collection, set. Since its launch, unfortunately many unscrupulous chess retailers such as The Regency Chess Company have had fake copies made of this beautiful design and have devalued the set by flooding the market with cheap low quality knock off's! If you are a collector or budding grandmaster or perhaps you would like to gift the perfect set to a friend or loved one, then make sure you purchase an original Andalusian set from us or one of our approved distributors. An authentic certificate and letter from our directors is supplied with each sale. Original sets have a leather base on the sovereigns and each base has a motif logo embossed onto them. Without this authenticity trio, certificate, letter and logo, all other sets are fake and in breach of copyright. Beware of cheap imitations. 

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  • World Chess Championship Chess Set
    What does our director think of the new World Chess set by Pentagram, designed by David Weil and marketed by Studio Anne Carlton? ....................... The Plain Truth! This so called new design by Pentagram is nothing more than an enhanced copy of the German design that has been on the market for over 30 years. When i look at this set all I see is the German Design. The set retails for £199.00 (pieces only) It is a rip off in my opinion. The pieces are simply turned, there is no intricate hand carving and the material is natural boxwood and stained black boxwood. The set has little value in terms of material used. Boxwood is not an expensive material. The hype that this is the set of future tournaments is overly exaggerated and even with its FIDE backing wont take off. Finally how it is acceptable that an existing design can be copied and given a new brand name, mass produced and on the market, legally? Our advice is save your money and buy a German design set which will cost you a 20% of the price of this fad! More...

  • The Elgin Chess Set
    Shropshire, U.K.- XX February, 2013 Chess Maze International, exclusive stockist of the renowned English Chess Company, are pleased to announce the release of the special edition Elgin Staunton Ebony Chessmen. This set is hand crafted of ebony and boxwood and exhibits intricately-wrought detailing in every aspect of each piece. The Chess Maze International warehouse, set in the beautiful English countryside, is known throughout the world as suppliers of some of the most beautiful chessboards and chessmen ever crafted. These Elgin Staunton Ebony Hand Carved Chessmen are no exception; they are an absolute work of art. More...

  • Chessmaze Independent review
    San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- People have been playing chess for more than 1,500 years. An early version of the game was being played in India before the start of the 6th century AD. By the 15th century, the game had evolved into roughly its current form. The first world chess championship took place in 1886 and the World Chess Federation was founded in Paris in July 1924. The first programmed chess games appeared on the market in the 1970s and now thousands of people enjoy playing chess against their computer. More...

  • The Andalusian Limited Edition Chess Set from the Inspired by Staunton Collection
    By Michael Chukwuma Mkpadi. Bring some Andalusian chess inspiration to your life Anyone who enjoys chess, will enjoy having this set as their pride and joy. It is a set fashioned with love and fascination. If you like to enjoy the beautiful things in life then this set is the one for you. All the pieces and pawns are dimensioned to bring the best out of you and will make you proud should you choose to purchase this magnificent chess set. Have you ever wished you could have a chess centre piece to draw breath from your guests when they visit your home. Something to do justice to your lounge. That beautiful addition to your decorative masterpiece at home. Or are you look for a stunning chess set you can actually use when your chess friends come round or training for the next weekend tournament. How can a chess set be both decorative and functional? Well the The Andalusian Limited Edition Chess sets Inspired by Staunton achieves this beautifully. More...

  • Chessmaze International an Independent Review
    Websites that you purchase things off are not usually in your top ten most visited websites unless they manage to offer a huge variety of products or very popular ones. Chess sets however are a specialty item as hardly any family owns them and the ones that do most likely keep them in the loft. With Chess Maze I want to buy every chess set they have on offer, this is because they advertise their sets, boards and clocks very well. Offering an in-depth analysis of each set, how it was made, what it is made of and often with plenty of pictures to show each particular style of a set. The sheer variety of sets they offer is also very impressive, they offer approximately about 100 chess sets which is amazing and many customers will be spoilt for choice. More...

  • Lord of the rings chess
    It's a boon time for all the lord of the ring movies lovers as the characters of those movies have been converted to various chess pieces and it is a delight for collectors and those chess players who are fans of the lord of the rings series. These chess sets range varies from cheap to expensive as per the choice of the customer. One can find various chess sets inspired by the J.R.R. Tolkiens novel book the lord of the rings. The rules of the game are all the same as the rule of a normal chess game, only the characters have been changed. The characters of the game are as follows. More...

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    Chess is a game of mind and psychological skills. It is a two player game. Chess is one of the oldest and favoured board game in the whole world and is played by kids to the elders. One can shop for chess sets at many places as it is widely available because of its demand. A person can now also buy chess sets on the Internet. The game consists of a chess board which is mostly made of wood or plastic these days and thirty two pieces with distinctive moves. More...

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