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A fine selection of chess and traditional games for all the family


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  • Deciding which Chess Set is best and how to buy
    My first choice is just not really one, but it truly is the most impulsive, and satisfying: this is a "coup de coeur" passionnel. It is "The" chess established that I should completely buy. (of program, I'm mindful that it's just a feeling on the minute ;) ) The 2nd option, more reasonable, is for the great thing about the chess items, frequently for the knights, nicely ended, that pleases the eye... and if the price looks justified: I will not hesitate. The next alternative is the super cost, the chess set extremely cheap and not bad looking ... (In this particular case, I buy it) But if we all ask ourselves the question by what direct or motivates our choice to "purchase or not to buy" (S... ;) Might not it seem sensible to discuss money. More...

  • A Buyers Consideration on choosing a Chess Set
    When I choose a chess set I look for two things mainly. The first one is the playability. For me, this is a very important aspect, because I like to eventually play with any set of my own. I don't have a way to show them, but taking them to the club from time to time and play with friends. Staunton, Dubrovnik or Russian sets are a must. I usually avoid figurative chess sets. More...

  • What to consider when buying a chess set
    A customers perspective on buying a chess set.... There are a number of details that I look for in Chess Equipment, which includes Chess pieces, boards and storage boxes. The first thing I look at are the Chess pieces. Of course I do keep in mind the size of the board when deciding on the Chess pieces, but only for proportional sizing of the complete setup. When deciding on Chess pieces there is definitely a set of aspects I want to see in a set that I consider buying. The first aspect of a set of Chess pieces that I look for is the general design. The Staunton style has been the standard in Western Europe and the United States for many years. So the majority of sets that I consider are of the general Staunton design. More...

  • Prepare for the Christmas Holidays with Luxury Chess Boards
    With Christmas on the horizon, it’s time for us to start preparing for the day and this inevitably means conjuring up different ways to keep ourselves amused over the festive period, especially when entertaining guests. At a time when the weather is usually far from perfect and we have more of it on our hands, most of us love nothing more than wrapping up warm and staying indoors with our family and enjoying some quality time together. Although we have lots of different forms of technology at our fingertips these days, including games consoles and of course the television, these can often mean we switch off to those around us and don’t communicate with each other in the way we should. This is especially true on Christmas day as it is the one time of the year when we get the chance to spend quality time together after a hectic year. One way to ensure the lines of communication are open and that we have fun over the festive period with those around us is to purchase some board games. These are ideal for the winter weather, when we are warm and cosy in the confines of our home. More...

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