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We were delighted to have been contacted by the management of the British pop band Take That, to supply the band members with a set and board each!  Also privileged to supply the TV show The Apprentice and extremely honoured to have supplied Her Majesty The Queen- privy purse at Buckingham Palace.

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The Original Andalusian Chess Set by ChessMaze International

Bring some Andalusian chess inspiration to your life!
Anyone who enjoys chess, will enjoy having this set as their pride and joy. It is a set fashioned with love and fascination
If you like to enjoy the beautiful things in life then this set is the one for you.
All the pieces and pawns are dimensioned to bring the best out of you and will make you
proud should you choose to purchase this magnificent chess set.
Have you ever wished you could have a chess centre piece to draw breath from your guests when they visit your home. Something to do justice to your lounge. That beautiful addition to your decorative masterpiece at home. Or are you look for a stunning chess set you can actually use when your chess friends come round or training for the next weekend tournament. How can a chess set be both decorative
and functional? Well the The Andalusian Limited Edition Chess sets Inspired by Staunton achieves this beautifully.
They are simply inspirational in beauty and depth.

The set has been personally endorsed by Chess Queen, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

She knows quality when she sees and feels it.
She would be happy to play her brand of flowing attacking beautifully strong chess with this set.
It is true a stunning chess set can inspire you to play a stunning game.
because Andalusia is a lush beautiful area of Spain, called the "Soul of Spain" with places of extraordinary beauty like the The Sierra de Grazalema Mountains and The Sierras de Tejeda teaming with wildlife with rocks and formations dating back more than 300 million years and home of the rich and gorgeous wood we fashioned into a stunning set of pieces and pawns, the soul of chess.
And Andalusia is a region enthused with Chess and historic chess matches and Seville it's capital was the venue for the unforgettable Kasparov-Kasparov match in 1987, and hosted numerous very strong high class tournaments.
They are simply inspirational in beauty and depth.
The set has been personally endorsed by Chess Queen, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

She knows quality when she sees and feels it. Alexandra a chess treasure herself has been at the top of chess for many years and is well respected.
She took time out to explore the delights of our Andalusian Limited Edition Chess Set inspired by Staunton.
She would be happy to play her brand of flowing attacking beautifully strong chess with this set.
  • Pure Chess Released on PS4
    Chess loving gamers everywhere will be thrilled to hear that the popular chess game ‘Pure Chess’ has now been released on the PS4. The game is already available to play in various formats, including iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, Wii U and the PS4. The updated version promises to offer better graphics and playability than ever before. With the PS4 version of Pure Chess, you battle wits against the computer and find artificial intelligence to suit your own skillset. There are various modes and options in this game, but unfortunately, you are not able to play online with other players, which is a big downside to the game. There are exhibition matches and tournaments to enjoy in this game. In total, there are 3 tournaments which consist of 4 games, with varying difficulty levels. In order to win the tournaments, you need to successfully complete all of the 4 games in a row. If you are completely new to chess, there are also many functions for novices, including tutorials where you can learn the fundamentals of the game so you can grow as a player. There are also various difficulty sessions, so you can really develop your knowledge and skills as you advance throughout the game. The chess simulation has better visuals than it has with other formats and more realism, so you feel like you are actually playing in the traditional format. Pure Chess is developed by Voo Foo Studios and published by Rip Stone. It is priced at £4.99, so easily affordable for those on a budget. Playing chess on a console can be a fun experience but sometimes the traditional format of a head to head with competitors is just as challenging and rewarding. At Chess Sets, you will find a wide range of traditional chess boards and chess sets, from the luxury styles to the character themed, for those chess enthusiasts with a good level of experience. There are also a range of limited edition chess sets and chess pieces, which are part of the ‘inspired by Staunton’ collection. Chess newbies or those on a budget will benefit from the value range, which are some of the best sellers around. The bumper chess package is part of the value range and includes a chess board, chess clock, chess computer and classic chess set, which is ideal for playing in chess clubs or when having friends round for a game. More...

  • Our Sister Site
    Millionaire Chess Tournament Set for the Lights of Las Vegas It had been met with a lot of speculation and doubt, but it has recently been announced that the Millionaire Chess Tournament will, in fact, go ahead in Las Vegas in October 2014. Announced by the excited GM of Millionaire Chess, Maurice Ashley, on the 7th of April 2014, this event is set to rock the world of chess and take it to new heights which would never have seemed possible for the sport. The tournament will be held in the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, which has hosted some of the most exciting sporting events in the world, including popular boxing matches which have been held in the main reception. Mike Tyson is even a regular at the hotel, often signing autographs for an eager crowd of boxing enthusiasts. As with the glitz, glamour and high-rolling you would expect from any event held in Vegas, the Millionaire Chess Tournament has a prize fund of one million dollars. There will be $100,000 as the first prize of the open section and prizes of $40,000 in various other sections. This is the tournament of all chess tournaments and has sent a surge of excitement throughout the chess world. Although the event has some great prizes on offer, it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. The entry fee is a staggering $1,000 so if you have the skills and the spare dollars, it may be worth it for the potential prize money at stake. More...

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