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Chess Pieces Value Range

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Looking for Luxury Chess Pieces? LUXURY CHESS PIECES


Stay ahead of the game by choosing the best-selling chess pieces to complete your collection and update your chess board.
Among the range of popular chess pieces, you will find the Classic Knight Shesham Chess Set 3.75 Inch King which is the ideal choice for chess lovers looking for a classic style. These beautifully designed chess pieces contain a felt base, which makes them easier to manoeuvre around the chess board, enhancing your enjoyment of the game. The pieces are hand carved and core weighted, making these a must-have for your collection.


The popular Staunton collection is further enhanced through the addition of the Staunton Club Ebonised Chessmen by John Jacques of London, which consists of fine detail to make it stand out and look and feel unique. These pieces are amongst the best sellers for chess enthusiasts and are ideal for using as part of a tournament. The pieces are individually crafted with Boxwood and come together with a mahogany box, making them ideal as a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

Another best seller in the collection is the 19th C.Style Staunton Classique Chess Men 3.25 Inch King which has all the grace and elegance you would want from your chess board, with a simple approach to the game of chess. These are also ideal if you play in regular tournaments.
The Pro Club Series Chess Pieces and Leatherette Box is ideal for buying for chess players, with the popular Staunton style design to make it one of the favourites.


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