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Chess Sets and Boards

If you don’t have the budget to spare, especially in the month of January when most of us are still paying of credit card bills, don’t despair as you will still find a range of chess sets and boards in the economy range to suit your budget.

The Solid Wood Book Style Folding Set is one such style in the economy range which is a 10 inch magnetic version of the classic set. This chess set is full of character and style and is hand crafted from the finest solid wood and encompasses a beautiful design with functionality.
Another exquisite style in the economy range of chess boards is the Down Head Shesham Challenger Chess Set with Maple Mahogany Chessboard and Box which oozes elegance and style and offers ease of play through the felt bases on the chess pieces.

If you are looking for a travel companion for flights or a long commute to work, the Magnetic Black Chess Set will be your saviour. This is also ideal for a gift if you want to treat a loved one who shares your passion for the game.

A popular choice amongst chess lovers is the Miniature Lewis Chess Set which has plenty of character and style to make it a firm favourite. Whether a beginner or a professional player, you will love all that this economy chess board has to offer.
If you are looking to supply chess boards for schools or chess clubs and are looking for economy options, the Competition Staunton Chess Set is the perfect choice. Available in high quality black/ivory solid, this is up to tournament standard and will be sure to provide all you need for a pleasurable chess experience. A highly durable option in chess playing, this elegant chess board will be sure to withstand the test of time.
A travel set for those looking for a more luxurious companion, the Luxury Push Drawer Magnetic Travel Set is just as exquisite as the standard size and even features a tray to store your chess pieces.

A learning option for the children, the Disney Draughts Game For Kids features characters from all the latest characters from the latest Disney films, including Monsters University. This is a good way to engage children and develop their interest in the game.


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