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Welcome to our Prestige range of  chess sets. We have hand picked and coupled some of the world finest hand carved chess pieces and matched them perfectly with a fine range of chessboards. Our range of luxury sets offer the finest quality available in the UK.

Workmanship and creation have reached the core of our doctrine. We always try to push at the bounds of superiority although preserving the strength of the build. We trust that it provides you several enjoyable hours of gameplay and you are going to appreciate your luxury chess set. We're also thrilled and very happy to announce the inclusion of the wonderful variety of limited edition chess models.

Wood chess models are now establish as the common in contemporary chess. Their beauty and sophistication, in addition to the comparatively simplicity of coping with this stuff have been the principal characteristics which have caused the wood chess sets in the best of the chess that is many enjoyed models available in the marketplace. Dramatic sights can be offered by among the most exquisite stuff present in abundance in character, timber for the eye. Their color together with the removal of its fibers makes exceptional sparkles that may attract the gamers eyes are acquired by the items. The diverseness of timber types that the models are created also can bring to the excellent look of an established that is wooden. The most striking wood chess pieces are these joining the dreary look of black with that glowing yellow boxwood. Additional striking mixes contain boxwood that is ebonised and rosewood and boxwood.


We have expanded our luxury range of chess sets and boards. Some of the sets in this category are quite simply stunning, the Italian design masters at Ilalfama, our suppliers are renown for their creative and distinct chess set designs. Our range now includes solid brass chessmen and we also have a range that includes gold and silver plated sets, truly beautiful. If you are in the market for a high end quality set and perhaps something unique, then this is the page for you. These luxury chess sets are without a doubt among the finest quality we have seen. Rest assured that investing in one of these  unique superb designs is a sound investment. 

We have some superb chess sets arriving over the next few weeks and just in time for Christmas! Be sure to check back to find the perfect Christmas gift. Our chess piece sets are hand carved and turned and scrutinised at every stage the end result is a set that will last many generations, a beautiful heirloom and one that holds many memories of games past and winning ambitions of those yet to come. Chessmaze sets are renown for quality and our ethos has always been to offer competitive prices. Our luxury range includes the Antiqued chess pieces range introduced by our company into the UK market some 6 years or more ago. The emphasis was to recreate the very early design sets in materials and exacting proportions. We are very pleased to announce that over the next few days we will be listing the new Nathaniel Cook staunton antiqued chess set and the Howard Staunton Club set.

Chess Sets and Boards


 The  Italian Prestige Collection

If you are somewhere in the middle when it comes to the budget you have to purchase your chess boards, you may wish to have a look at the collection of prestige range chess sets.
These boards are also made with the finest of quality and meticulous attention to detail which makes them a great centerpiece for the home.
There are a wide range of mid-price chess boards to choose from, depending on your needs and the budget you are working with.
The Luxury Push Drawer Magnetic Solid Wood Set is an example of a chess board at the lower end of the price scale, but with the same quality you would expect from the designer and luxury chess set collection.
A firm favourite with chess players everywhere, the Antiqued Club Staunton Chessmen with Walnut Design Chessboard is an example of an exquisitely designed, reasonably priced chess board which is highly durable and encompasses 19th century elegance with contemporary style for a truly exciting combination.

There are plenty of other Staunton chess boards in the collection for those lovers of the fine game, including the Majestic Staunton Chess Set, which is handcrafted with a lightweight feel to make the game of chess even more pleasurable. The Royal Staunton and the Millennium Edition Staunton Chess Set and Solid Wood Chess Board are just two of the classic styles of these chess sets which are each uniquely designed and sculpted to suit your needs.

If you enjoy playing chess but also have a penchant for backgammon, you will truly adore the Root Wood and Mahogany Chess and Backgammon Set which provides two for the price of one and offers true style with durability which makes it worth every penny.
If you take your game seriously and like to indulge in tournaments with friends or part of a club, you will really get the benefit from the Bumper Chess Package, which contains a classic chess set, chess clock and computer chess game, all wrapped up in the finest quality mahogany and maple. It even comes complete with a 12 month warranty for additional piece of mind with your purchase.
Whether you prefer wooden or an ebony style of chess board, you will find plenty to choose from in the collection of mid-price range chess boards. From the executive to the classic styles of chess boards, you will be sure to find exactly what you need with the selection available here.

So Mike, what do you look for in a chess set?

Thank you for this opportunity to explain what I look for in a chess set. On reflection there is no one chess set that can serve all my needs both aesthetically or practically. Ideally I would require four sets, each for a different purpose. Two tournament sets, a smaller cabinet set & a miniature travel set. Let me explain.

With regards to the two tournament sets the first must have historical relevance either referencing a classic tournament or a great player from the past like Morphy, Fischer, Alekhine, Capablanca or Tal as I want to be reminded of their greatness and fighting spirit when I am battling at the board.

The first set must be aesthetically different to the other three as it embodies my love of the game and appreciation for the rich history of chess. The board shall be light brown, beautifully finished with no blemishes in the wood. It shall be crafted from the finest mahogany or walnut and should be 19 or 20 inch across with the monarch standing at least 3.5 inches tall. Perfect balance of form and function, the board will compliment beautifully crafted Staunton pieces with the eyes of the Knights small, mouth semi open and head horizontal rather than drooping. I am not a fan of the large flamboyant manes and prefer my pieces to be not only smooth but without sharp edges that may damage easily.

Finally to complete this luxurious set I would require a large solid mahogany lockable box, felt lined within which to store the pieces safely. I have no doubt that a collectable set such as this would last a life time and I would take exceptional care of it to ensure that it can be passed onto another enthusiast when my earthly flag eventually drops.

The second set would be a classic tournament set however this would not be for aesthetic enjoyment or indeed for inspiration but for training sessions with my friends. This set would need to be tough and durable as the pieces would sustain added wear during bullet and blitz sessions. I would not be overly concerned about the colour of the board and would expect there to be signs of usage over time. It would not matter whether the pieces were plastic or wooden just as long as they were tough. I looked at your website www.chessmazeinternational.com and admired the Philidor Shesham & Boxwood Chessmen. These pieces look a fine mixture between Staunton and pre-Staunton styles however most importantly they look solid and functional with a sense of individuality and are superb value. People would remember these pieces and not feel intimidated by them.

The third set would be a smaller table set that I would use for deep analysis. Ideally this board would contain a built in cabinet to store my pieces. I would also use a cabinet board for playing and analysis before I go to bed as the cabinet elevates the board nicely. I notice that on your website you have a couple of wonderful Italian sets that do precisely this. A smaller set would be very handy for when tournament pieces do not feel appropriate - analysing in bed certainly being a case in point.

Last but not least the fourth set would be a miniature used for travel and to accommodate extra lines from chess books when used in conjunction with the third cabinet set. A travel board for my purposes would need to be clear, easily portable and magnetic. I am not a fan of the plastic wallets so I would be looking for a small wooden box set. I would hope that the pieces are well made, not too fiddly and that they stay on the board. I would take this travel set with me regularly so it would need to be of reasonable quality.

Anyway thank you for reading my views on chess sets. I enjoyed looking at www.chessmazeinternational and wish you well with the site revamp. 

Looking for a LUXURY CHESS SET?


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