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Chess Sets Luxury Collection

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Chess Set Luxury Range

We have coupled our luxury hand carved wooden chess sets into one category. Almost all our chess piece sets are based on the ever popular Staunton Design. Staunton design chess sets are by far the most used in the World. This style is widely used for competitions. Nathaniel Cook is credited with the design, and they are named after Howard Staunton, the British chess master of that era. Chessmaze International is renown for supplying quality at affordable prices. Most other chess shops here in the UK do not stock the vast and diverse range of pieces and boards as we. We have secured long term contracts with some of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in the chess business and we are extremely confident in what we offer our customers.

The Staunton chessmen were first introduced in 1849 and have since been the most widely used designs for its launch. Our entire catalogue of sets is based on the many different variations of the Staunton pattern. Since 2002 the chess design world has erupted! Artisans have really excelled with their approach to new designs and especially pushing the boundaries of their imagination, and in doing so, creating some incredible and in some cases, radical designs. Innovation remains the core focus of what we offer. Our sets encompass quality design features, especially our Official Staunton heirloom antiqued reproduction collection.

Our chess sets of luxury are amongst the very best available Worldwide! We have the edge on our competitors as we are old hands in this trade, we have a wealth of experience and are firmly placed in both stature and knowledge especially in  maked ecisions on what to and what not to bring to market.  We deal with the oldest and most respected artisan hub in Amritsar, India. The master carvers we employ are quite simply put, the very best. We meet up each year to discuss many factors of which new designs are usually the main topic. 

Chess set fanatics will love our indulgent collection which are designed with quality and precision to make them look exquisite in the home and also feel incredible to play.
If you love to play chess and are looking to treat yourself or perhaps a loved one who enjoys the game, you won’t find anything better in chess boards than the wide range available here.

The Renaissance Hand Painted Brass Set is one such elegant chess board style in the luxury collection and is made with the finest of Italian workmanship. The sculpted chess pieces and chess board define true character and combine to create an incredible style which will look remarkable in any home, or wherever you choose to indulge in the fine game.
Those who prefer to mix luxury with tradition will adore the Walnut Root Drawer Chess Cabinet and Classic Ebonied Chess Pieces which offers an eclectic combination of beauty with practicality to create a stunning luxury chess board anyone would be delighted to own. The incorporated drawer in this chess board will help to keep your chess pieces contained in the one place, making it less likely that any will go amiss.
The popular Staunton chess board is also available in the and boards collection, with the Prestige Staunton Chessmen and Italian Anegre Chessboard, which blends beauty with functionality to create an elegant chess board for casual players as well as those who take the game a bit more seriously.

In addition, the Antiqued Bowing Staunton Chessmen and 21 Inch Black Deluxe Chess Board offers a nice blend of both contemporary and traditional styles. The board and chess pieces are hand crafted to create a masterpiece of true beauty and style.
Luxury and quality don’t come any finer than with the Jaques Style Rosewood Chess Pieces and Walnut Deluxe Moulded Edge Chess Board, which pays attention to fine detail and offers outstanding quality to make it a chess set anyone would be proud to display in their home.
The luxury collection of sets and boards offer must-have purchases for those who enjoy playing chess regularly at home or are perhaps a member of a chess club. There are designs and styles to suit all tastes, each offering their own individual twist of beauty and quality to make them stand out in any room.
You will find a wide range of prices of chess boards in this extensive collection to suit your budget and for those who are ready to update their chess set, you will be sure to find options within this range.

Trading for over 20 years we have the experience and are best suited to offer the most competitively price luxury chess sets and boards in the UK. What sets us apart from other chess shops is our relationship with our suppliers and manufacturing units. It has taken time and experience to finally be in a position to purchase direct from only the quality chess set suppliers from Amritsar- India, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain, not forgetting of course the UK.

The perfect accessory for the workplace or home equally suited for the living room and dining spaces, Luxury Chess Sets blend grace and craftsmanship to perfection. Our hand picked range of exclusive range of designer sets capture the legacy of chess, engaging your attention unlike any other showpiece placed on the mantle or coffee table. We insist on bespoke designs, handcrafted Chess Sets, vowing not to promote predictable, mass-produced products. The chessboards are creatively inspired and the pieces glamorous—worthy of being the point of visual focus in your space! We are active in the chess community with a legacy in this game, warehousing and retailing the biggest collection of chest sets across the UK. This gives you the assurance of buying limited edition chess sets, each with a promise of authenticity!

Chess Set Combinations

The huge choice of chess packages combines the best offering of chess pieces along with wooden chess boards straight into correctly matched packages. While most of us market a massive choice of chessboards along with a huge choice of pieces our chess packages portion normally takes the guess exercise associated with matching the two collectively correctly. The choice of chess packages caters for many variations along with budgets and involves a wide variety of designs. Therefore in the event that you are searching for the United kingdom's top chess store you might have just landed and visited the very best chess store! It truly is really worth considering that all the chess packages we now have available for sale are actually thoroughly decided on with regards to good quality, design, longevity along with good quality materials. Most of all the origin of our merchandise in the industry's best companies associated with chess pieces along with boards, you'll buy your chess set via us after you have noticed the vast range associated with variations, sizing's along with wooden varieties we now have available.

Isle of Lewis Chess Set

The Isle of Lewis set is one of the most iconic chess piece design after the legendary Staunton design we are all familiar with. We are delighted to be offering the very best selection of Lewis chess sets. We are extremely proud to be stockists of the English Chess Company elite branded lewis pieces in two size configurations- but what really sets us apart from the other companies is of our range are made right here in the UK, and not sourced from China like the cheap looking SAC set. We have coupled together quite a spectacular array of lewis sets with a great selection of matching chess boards. Buying your Lewis set from us ensures good old British quality standards.


Wooden Sets and Materials

The vast majority of chess pieces inside our range element wooden timber playing chess boards as well as solid timber chess piece parts. Wood is usually just about the most popular as well as plastic chess pieces as well as vinly boards however there are lots of various other materials for chess pieces however the most widely used boards are almost always timber. The actual sorts of solid wood employed can vary hugely using many forest obtainable, from mahogany in order to ebony, the selection is usually great. Inside extent associated with timber pieces we additionally stock options an abundance of really exceptional as well as cherished forest such as rosewood, sandalwood as well as ebony. Ebony as an example, continues to be utilized to make chessmen with regard to in excess of two hundred years. It has characteristics which provide by itself flawlessly towards enhancement associated with darkish chessmen. It takes over a sound dark, practically plastic material visual appeal since it can be so heavy inside it really is feel. If you are fewer keen on custom forest similar to rosewood as well as sandalwood present you with a more inviting hemp routine, as well as cozy wealthy red, magenta, crimson as well as brownish tones. Which solid wood you select, you will be certain which all of the timber pieces given by or company are with the finest.

Regular Standard Chess Set

Fundamentally a standard chess set can mean various things. There's a match regular that uses a about three along with a 1 fourth inches master, Staunton chessmen along with a 20 inches chess mother board. As well as for most the definition of regular basically refers to your type of chessmen these people are seeking which could needless to say function as the traditional Staunton type. When you are searching for the typical set, although don't really need to meet match requirements next basically browse the packages inside Staunton chess packages category, an individual instantly find what you are searching for. Although exactly where an individual at some point choose to purchase chess set coming from, we hope how the large selection of packages we have now upon the internet site go a way that will help you pick a qualified item.


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